Summer lipstick favourites

I find wearing lipsticks on holiday quite tricky.


How you know if its going to go with your tan/burn? How do you stop it from melting? What Happens if you lose that Chanel lipstick that cost you your whole monthly income? Here’s my advice…


I have four summer favourites. Essential staples of my make up bag when it comes to summer. Firstly is the Mac Viva glam I (pictured second one from the left), a perfect dark red that goes brilliantly whether you have fair or dark skin or you have the perfect golden tan we all dream of. The pigments of this stay for hours so reapplying is minimal. This colour also goes perfectly with most colours and especially with white as it is such a contrast. A perfect lipstick for those nights out sipping Piña coladas and watching the waves come in.


Next is the Smashbox ‘be legendary’ lipstick in ‘mauve matte’ (first on the left). I have to be honest and say I was slightly wary of buying matte lipsticks. Sure, if you have perfectly moisturized, rounded lips then I think they look great, but I thought they might be clumpy and drying. How wrong I was! This lipstick is so creamy and moisturising and really amplifies you lips.. WELL DONE SMASHBOX.. I will defiantly be buying more when this runs out.


Third up is another mac favourite – lustre in ‘love lorn’. This one is the perfect pink for summer. It’s one that can be worn day or night to give a subtle but seductive look to your pout. The pigments in this one also last for hours and it does not easily smudge (great for date night!;)). I really can’t get enough of this one!


Lastly we have Chanel’s Rouge Allure Velvet in ‘la favourite’ (so cute). This is a perfect summer coral colour, making your lips pop in all the right places. The colouring in this naturally hugs the curves in your lips so it accentuates them rather than making them look bland or monotone.


IMG_1728 IMG_1736

As you can see the colouring is bright and only needs one coat to match the original colour, unlike the rubbish watery lipsticks I’ve previously owned. So girls.. Get buying!

Rach xx


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