TED: ideas worth spreading

Every once in a while you need that little boost. Personally I find, if tea and cake can’t do it, TED can.

I discovered TED a few years back through a school assembly and then I didn’t really understand the enormity of the network. It was founded in 1984 as a one off event but continued to grow as a non-profit organisation ever since. It holds a full host of talks ranging from ‘how i held my breath for 17 minutes’ too ‘the thrilling potential of sixth sense technology’, clearly a video for everyone…

I think that Ted is powerful and inspiring in a way, that regardless of if you are sitting with your onzie and slippers on in your sitting room, or participating in the live event, you still feel the same sense of motivation and elation when watching these talks.

I just thought I would write a small blog post to say that if you haven’t already or you have those autumnal blues and everything is getting you down, go and have a look because no doubt you will find something to cheer you up and keep you driven to the things you want to acheive, especially if you do end up having that piece of cake while watching them! 😉

Lots of love

Rach xx


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