Mistletoe ready..

The ultimate Christmas colour.. the beautiful, crisp, vibrant red.

But, how do you know which red is the right red? I’ve put together a few of my favourites (and a favourite winter purple of mine!), so have a scroll through and see what you think.

First up, is this Mac Viva glam 1 which is deffo one of my favourite reds, as it’s a little more subtle in its appearance. It has a darker undertone making it perfect for the evening christmas parties if you want a more sultry look.



Another (recent) addition to my make up  collection is this Mac lipstick in ‘dark side’. SUCH amazing pigments and the colour really lasts. It’s perfect for if you want to go a little bit different to the classic red.

Secret santa anyone..?


Aaaaandd the classic red. The Chanel red. Literally the most beautiful, timeless red lipstick I have ever owned or worn. I love love love this. It was bought as a present for me a few years back and I just wear it whenever possible I love it. This ones in the shade ‘passion’.


Another recent addition was this Belle Pierre lipstick, which is a great pigment but also really moisturising. Honestly, think red lippy mixed with eos. SO lush.


Another great one, (not sure if it can be called a lipstick.. but anyway) is this Clinique ‘almost lipstick’ it’s perfect for daytime wear and for people that maybe don’t want to wear the full on vibrant red!

Lastly, the all important liner. Lining your lips makes such a difference to how they look. If you don’t do it.. You need too! This Kiko Lip liner goes on so well and does lasts. Its nourishing and as easy to apply as lipstick, gliding on without the need for persuasion and tugging leaving you looking like the queen of hearts on a night out.

Shade – 706

So thats it from me, but just to let you know.. when I went to wash all these swatches off my arm, the one that really took the most persuasion was the first mac viva glam 1. So, if like me, you CBA to keep reapplying… then thats your one.


Lots of Love

Rach xxx

instagram – rachyknap

twitter – rachyyknapton





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